You crown the year with Your goodness.

Psalm 65:11

Today I had a freak out in the library. I realosed just how much work I have to do. Even though I’ve been working consistently over the semester.

I need peace in my heart.

Joy comes in the morning.

The birds are chirpin and I’ve not been to bed yet.
I’ve also been awake for 20 hours - 15mins.

Gooooooood longgggg dayyyyy

Edit: my neighbours woke me 5 hours later. So I will need strength for the day. Also to not kill them. Every saturdauy at 9am they start banging something I don t know what for about 15mins. It is so loud it shakes my bed so I wake. I am a student. I need a lie in.

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I am working like a maniac.
Hoping that all this work I’m putting in will pay off come exam time.

Ever have those days clothes feel obstructive?

Love with faithfulness.

Definitely been listening to too much dubstep.

babes of the world, i am so tired.