Just done my first face pack in tiiiiime and my face feels so good.

Was working in London last week and the pollution got in my pores- I’m not used to that any more having spent my last 3 years mostly in Scotland.

Can’t believe I’m about to go into 4th year! I’m excited!

I feel i have no chance when even my own Mother dislikes me

Resisting the urge to take painkillers so I remember the pain of this withdrawal for when I think it’s a good idea in the future to be drinking 6+ shots of espresso a day.

I’m going through caffeine withdrawal and it hurts. :((((

My heaaaaad. All I want is a coffee because I know it’ll make it all better. But I can’t!

Chillin at 23.57 like I don’t gotta be in the library at 9am

I ate far too much food today.
But I just realised I have no food for breakfast…again.
Luckily a sainsburys is about 400m from my flat.

Do my aims glorify His name?

Reflection from Background by Lecrae.

Day 4 make up free and I’m liking my face a bit more.

You crown the year with Your goodness.

Psalm 65:11

Today I had a freak out in the library. I realosed just how much work I have to do. Even though I’ve been working consistently over the semester.

I need peace in my heart.